One friend lost a job and is struggling. Another lost a job, couldn't find another-and decided to ditch what wasn't needed, pack what is and is moving where a job is much easier to attain.

I would love to know what that difference is that makes one person freeze and the other say 'screw it, I can't change the situation here, so I'll change MY situation?' I'd love to know, so that I could give the one who needs it a dose, because it is so desperately needed.

Meanwhile, I usually walk around with a mostly happy outlook on life. Sure, I bitch and complain, but generally, once I do, I'm okay. Foul moods don't stick around for long. Which is why I'm not enjoying the current state very much. Nurse M and I had our check in this morning and I was told I should be the poster child for compliant patients. It was good for a few laughs, which we seem to squeeze into phone consultations that deal with serious crap. Right now, though, the PMA is struggling.

It will come back, it always does-but it means I don't have any to spread around right now...and I think that's the hardest part of not having a cheerful disposition...


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