Friends in the Computer

Are going to become three dimensional tomorrow!

Last October, I met up with four of the members of a message board that is an offshoot board of an offshoot board, but we all were members of another board that banned us. That dinner at Raglan Road was full of laughter and good food. My only complaint was that the music was too loud to hear everything well.

That trip went so well that a return trip was planned, and more people jumped on the bandwagon. Several are already here, with more arriving in the morning. The plan is to meet up with several at one of the Disney restaurants, then head to one of the resorts to hang out with those who didn't want to eat at that restaurant. I suspect I will have a headache from the non-stop laughing that typically happens when we chat in the Facebook group that replaced the message board...

I'm bringing Ed along, so he can see my friends in the computer aren't psychos. Well, they are-but in a good way. These are his type of people. The timing is perfect, too-I need to have a few hours not thinking about my stupid leg, eating some good food with some fun people.


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