Good Changes

I've been an officer in a student organization for a little over a year. Before, it seemed like the advisor was just going through the motions, but that was how the organization had been run as long as I've known about it. Until the leadership changed with four of us last year, I can't think of a single activity that occurred. Heck, we lost an officer somewhere along the way because we were pretty stagnant.

There's been a change in advisor and this seems helped matters. I pointed out things that I felt we should be doing for the students and the list was reviewed by faculty and they agreed. Some of them were done with a speed heretofore unseen by any of us. Our president had way too many demands on her time, so we are down to two officers-and whatever we've suggested in meetings has been enthusiastically received.

We met today, reviewed some things that have been on the to do list for a while, all had been accomplished. The two faculty members with us were tasked with supplying us current rosters to update the member database.

Ten minutes after the meeting adjourned, we had them.

The president and I both agreed that it is really nice to see interest and investment in what we do as a group. It renews my energy for doing what I do for the organization, too.

I could get used to this!


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