The first night of one of my classes, a classmate promptly earned the moniker 'Storm'. The reason is a Tim Minchin video about a hippie with that name. Warning: some of the language is NSFW.

Anyway, I was sitting before class with a friend, chatting, she who is now known as Storm came in, greeted my friend and commented on our conversation. Next thing I know, she's saying to friend "I believe in YOUR God, too", as well as some other rather vacuous statements. In the subsequent weeks, there have been more statements that fill the hole with pigeon.

Tonight took the cake. As our field works in technology, there are components of it that we are expected to have basic knowledge about, so that we can guide others in their use. This is especially important with popular social media sites and those from which educational content can be used. She pronounced YouTube as 'useful content and smut', and Twitter 'not important', and further went on the 'smutty content' diatribe. This after several weeks where she made a bold statement or two that flies in the face of all that we are taught and makes me wonder exactly why she's pursuing a technology field.

Let's just say that at this level, there aren't many 'Storms', but each encounter has me scratching my head-and wondering if there is a tattoo of a fairy...


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