Wonders of Dentistry

I went back to the dentist today to have the impressions taken of my broken tooth.

What I experienced last month was not an aberration. For finding a dental practice in an emergency situation, they are an amazing practice. They remind me of my wonderful dentist's practice in New York. No, Dr. N will not be Steve, but he and his staff are on top of their game.

They remembered my need for pediatric sized equipment and took periodic breaks to prevent my tm joint from freezing up. Dr. N had a deft hand with the novocaine injections, too-I barely felt the upper interior ones that tend to hurt, even with lidocaine prep.

Then, the advances made in the 8 years since I was seeing a dentist regularly (and that was the UMBC dental clinic, not a bastion of cutting edge bells and whistles). Instead of gagging on xray films, I had a device put in my mouth, put into a 'scanners' type booth and they got whole mouth xrays in 10 seconds. That would usually be a gag fest.

Today, while waiting ample time to ensure the novocaine had kicked in (like twice as long as I expected, a solid 20 minutes), I got to enjoy the newest feature of dental care-a massage chair. I think I'll try to get more checkups now! That thing had multiple settings and was just the ticket for shoulders that were tight.

Now, if only there was some device to account for my perpetually clogged sinuses so that I could breathe through my nose while they were working, going to the dentist would be pretty close to awesome.


JW said…
You will have to tell me where this Dentist is. I have a gag reflex and the last time I went to the dentist about a chipped tooth they went to do x rays first. They didn't pre warn me of anything. Instead they just shoved a big metal piece in my mouth to which I gagged on 3 times. Then she had someone help her with it. Put it in my mouth and quickly exhorted another person to take the x ray. When it was done I was gagging again. My gag reflex seems to have worsened as I age. I think I need to be put to sleep for teeth extractions anymore.

btw, I found out that all I needed was a crown for $1000 otherwise I would still be fine with how my tooth is. One of my lower back molers chipped off on the inside. I LEFT!!

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