There are some oddities to summer courses at my university.

First, not many full time professors stick around for the summer, so classes are frequently taught by adjuncts. Second, the majority of the courses for my college are offered online, because the professors want to enjoy some of their summer. What this means is that typically, students have a course that can be self directed or have minimal class meetings.

In the past four years, I've had on campus classes with adjuncts, but most of my classes have been online with a mix of full time faculty and adjuncts. Until now, if we were expected to have regular online meetings, the course was listed in OASIS as such-and you could plan accordingly. For example, two classes I wanted this fall both were listed as meeting on Tuesday evenings-so I changed one.

Neither of the summer classes had meeting times listed, or even 'TBA', so the assumption was that there would be no class meetings. For me, this was a big relief, as this meant I didn't need to leave work early two days a week, like I did in the spring and will in the fall.

Yeah, not quite.

One class will be meeting online Tuesday AND Thursday at 5:15 all ten weeks of the semester. The other? Not sure yet, but we'll be meeting online regularly, too. Granted, I'm glad we'll be having regular meetings, but I would have been happier if I knew about this ahead of time!

At least when the semester is over, I'll have made some big leaps forward in my dissertation.


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