This Might Be Weird

I'm TAing a class this semester.

In it, one of the students is a former professor of mine. One who I didn't really care for and dropped the course.

Grading the work in the class will not be a problem-many of the assignments are cut and dried-either you did it right, or you didn't. For the subjective items, the professor whose course this is has provided a thorough rubric, so again, either you meet the criteria or you don't.

Still, I know the impression is that I am not capable of doing this kind of work, when the reason I dropped the course was the ever changing instructions and assignments. This professor was unprofessional in other situations we interacted in later, calling me out for dropping in front of others when it would have been bad for the professor if I were to say exactly WHY I dropped. I kept silent.

Sooooo, I wonder how things will play out...


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