Communication Breakdown

Ed's job is such that he needs to request time off three weeks in advance. The joys of retail, I was the manager making the schedule for many years, and that's what my employers required as well.

So, the first week of May, I called Chef's school to find out when the 8th grade graduation/moving up ceremony would be held. The secretary's response was 'Oh, we don't hold a graduation. We'll have an awards night during the school day." No graduation? Really? I checked the school website several times in the next week and a half and it was still on MARCH. No April, no May-no information at all. I took the information at face value and put it out of my head.

GameTeen's school, my former employer, has always been severely lacking on the communication front. They don't see it that way, but last minute notice is common. When you've got special needs kids, dittos home with the kids isn't the best method. Many times, I'd find out about an event at the last minute because the form didn't come home or came home a day before something important. We're talking info about fundraisers, school photos, field trips, etc.

I only knew there was supposed to be a prom because I had worked there. The only reason I had a date is because I asked the school director last week when the heck it was. Yesterday, I got an email from GameTeen's teacher about some work he needed to complete, and in it, she stated "We're having an awards ceremony Friday, I hope you can make it." Yep, WEDNESDAY afternoon, I get an email about an event that will be happening some time during the day Friday.

Yesterday afternoon, Chef tells me his graduation is tonight. TONIGHT. The graduation I called the school about four weeks ago and was told wasn't happening. Then today, I pick up GameTeen at 5pm and he hands me a paper that announces an award ceremony at 11:00 am tomorrow.

These two schools do NOT get it. Many employers need more than 24 hours notice that you'd like time off to attend your child's event. The more annoying part is that by virtue of knowing the administration and being friends with them on FB, when I kvetched on Facebook, one took it personally and was insisting they sent out info last week.

Which still isn't enough time to change a work schedule, IMO.

Am I out of line to expect more lead time on events such as these?


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