Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dreaming of Vacations

As we get closer to summer, the thoughts turn to vacations.

Where I work, I accrue a LOT of vacation. On top of that, my employer closes for the week between Christmas and New Year's, so to say I get a lot of time off is accurate. As a result, we're probably going to take a week somewhere after I finish my summer classes and before the kids return to school in late August.

So, Ed and I kind of planned to discuss this further, but haven't yet. Favorite past destinations came up and my sister and brother in law consulted. Alas, their schedules won't allow for vacationing this summer (waaaaah), but we have tentative plans to coordinate for next year. This leaves us open to the possibilities.

We'll be driving, so Eastern seaboard. It's hurricane season, so if we do a vacation at the shore somewhere, we should have a backup plan.

Two couples got married in Maryland this week, and it'd be nice to see them and other friends. It'd be nice to do two days up there, two on Skyline Drive and two in Raleigh, but who knows? In any event, it'll be fun to plan something.

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