Wish I Got a Picture

I had lunch at Panera today.

It is not uncommon to see people there with laptops, doing work, surfing the web, having meetings with others. However, as I was walking out, I spied a HUGE laptop in the little alcove that is formed by the exterior wall and the glass wall from the vestibule. It is a little tucked away corner that generally can't be seen from the rest of the dining room.

It wasn't a huge laptop. It was an iMac, and at that, a 27" iMac-the bigger one! Taking a picture would have been quite obvious, because the only way you see into that alcove is from the vestibule. My 21" iMac is quite bulky and she was about my size. Carrying a 27" from the parking lot inside must have been quite a sight!

I almost want to go back around the same time next Sunday and see if this is her usual routine!


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