As if I Need to Prove I'm a Grownup

Well, honestly, this is about me AND Ed.

We've been without a washer for a while. The logic board died on our LG and we debated getting that fixed (on an 8 year old washing machine) or just getting a new machine. We waffled, while I schlepped way too much laundry to the laundromat. Ed and Chef did some of it, but the laundromat ended up being my chore more often than not-and I shouldn't be doing it.

So, this week, before making some other large purchases, I visited our favorite salesperson at our favorite big box and bought a washing machine. I didn't bother to consult with Ed, because I was not putting up with the laundromat anymore.

And this afternoon, we geeked out like it was Christmas when the delivery man set it up in our garage. Like little kids getting the thing they'd asked Santa for.

Giddy. Totally slap happy-over a WASHER, people.

If that isn't proof that we're old, I don't know what is.


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