Well, Crap!

One week ago: Cold shows signs of becoming bronchitis. As I know the only thing that will work on this is industrial strength cough syrup, I call the doctor.

Prescribed: The world's smallest bottle of cough medicine that I've ever received.

Thought process: Well, I can call back when this runs out, because it will run out before the cough ceases to annoy me. My doctors are used to this, no biggie, right?

What really happened: I called this afternoon to explain that there is one, possibly two doses left in the bottle (and I haven't been taking it the every six hours that is stated on the bottle, either). Does Dr. S want to call in a new script or suggest an OTC alternative?

"There's a note on your file, Suzanne. It says (receptionist reading) "If Suzanne calls back in to request a refill, she must be seen in the office AND have a chest X ray scheduled."


What doesn't help: Receptionist listens to my cough and says "You still sound like THAT after a week of cough medicine?" And here I thought I was sounding better!

Hell, even my long-time friends (Donna and Joyce) both commented that I sounded good. Meanwhile, my newer friends all wince when I talk, thinking I sound horrible.

Guess we'll find out more tomorrow afternoon, since I'm getting my first chest X ray since 1980. Yay.


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