I Thought 11 Year Olds Think Girls Are "Yucky"

In the car tonight, heading home from scouts, Chef spies a Camaro.

"Look Mom, it's Bumblebee." One of the things I got to occupy the kids while I was under the weather this weekend was the DVD of the Transformers sequel. He watched it three times. (Which means I paid less per viewing than I would have at even the drive in!)

"Dude, that one's red."

"Yeah, I know, but that's the right kind of car." He's definitely his father's son, as he can spot a specific model of car waaaaaaay off in the distance.

"Hey, dude, did you notice that Sam looked really familiar? Like from Indiana Jones or something?"

"Hiya, Mutt, how are ya doin'?" Okay, can't pull a fast one on him.

"Dude, remember 'Even Stevens'?"

"Of course, Mom. He was Louis."

"He was a funny looking kid and look at him now!"

"Yeah, I KNOW! I mean, he's got Megan Fox as a girlfriend. Megan Fox! He's so LUCKY!"

Oh,crap. Chef's eleven-and he's noticing Megan Fox already?

Do they really notice girls this young?


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