Pizza on the Grill

One of the thoughts that danced in my head when we were looking at the grill as soon as the owner of the grill shop said the temps go from 150 to 500 degrees is "Damn, I can make pizza in that thing!"

After a failed attempt last night (PSA: Clean your catch tray before you crank your pellet grill above 400 degrees!), I took the remaining dough tonight and made a few pies.

Here is GameTeen's requested hawaiian The first batch was two pies on the grill. I found when I went to spin them, it's better to only put one on the grill to better rotate it.

Chef's requested sausage. With his, I learned that you have to use a ton of flour on the pizza peel in order to slide them on the grill. (or semolina, but I don't have any right now.)

Mine brought the lesson, three pizzas in, that there's a certain smell to look for, kind of like when you've got bread in the toaster that you know is just short of getting burned.

And then there's Ed's. He got the benefit of three practice pizzas. The only thing he quibbled about is that I'd run out of the mozzarella that we tend to sprinkle over the white cheddar.

His got pulled when that distinct smell hit my nostrils once again. Then, I looked at the bottom of the pie and realized that in one turn at the grill, four pizzas went from pretty good to awesome.

Something tells me I'll be making more pizzas than I have in the past!


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