Thank You, Walgreens

So, in the war of 24 hour pharmacies around here, there's a clear winner in my book. Walgreens. Let me explain why.

About a mile from our house, there's a CVS. Jane and Mom insisted on using this CVS, despite the fact that it'd take ten minutes for them to acknowledge your presence at the drive through window. Given a pick up time five hours later, you'd show up and still wait a half hour for one of the three techs to actually acknowledge your existence and get the prescriptions-and they'd still miss something. I got wise and would ask Jane how many I was picking up, so that I didn't have to make a trip back to pick up the most important of the dozen or so things I was getting for her.

The other night, I got back to Lakeland too late for my preferred, non-24 hour pharmacy and realized I needed an open location. Close to home, we have a choice of Walgreens or CVS. Heck, you drive 5 miles in any direction and there are four (possibly five) of each chain. I remembered that when we lived at the other house, the closest all night pharmacy was Walgreens, so I chose them. All of the experiences with them were much better than the couple dozen times I'd been to the CVS's pharmacy.

I had a small problem. When I renewed my health insurance Friday morning, I printed out the temporary ID and left it with my doctor's office. No biggie-I'll print out a new one, right? Nope, the company had pulled the website down for the weekend.

The pharmacist couldn't get through to the insurance company, but quickly filled the prescription for the Cheratussin AC, after consulting with me. That was the pressing need at that time. I told him as soon as I got the ID card printed up, I'd be back for the Z-pack.

That was today.

I was in and out of the store in five minutes. Instead of waiting for them to pull up the prescription in their computer, then waiting for it to be filled, it was ready for me with a little post it on it "waiting for insurance authorization." Previous experiences with Jane's meds showed me the other place is NOT proactive like that.

Little details like that, especially when you feel like utter poop, make a big impression.

It was nice to walk in feeling cruddy, ready for a 40-45 minute wait, but walk out in a lot less time because the pharmacist was proactive. He knew I'd be back, why make me wait?

So, Walgreens, thank you for making this sick customer smile. I'll be back.


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