My Dinner, Let Me Show You

In the past week, we've grilled:
Pork Chops
White Hots/Red Hots

Today, Ed smoked these bad boys. He made the rub, loaded the smoker with some apple wood and debated making some homemade barbeque sauce. I told him the best ribs I'd ever eaten (from Gordon's Grocery in Hagerstown, MD), were coated with this wonderful dry rub and didn't need a drop of sauce.

The smell was intoxicating. The poor neighbors.

If you've wondered about smokers, well, I am here to tell you that we spent the same on three racks of ribs from the market that you'd pay for a rack in a restaurant and they were damn good! Smoke ring, fall off the bone tender.
the new grill, which will be very busy around here!
completed ribs with only dry rub on them
Look, a smoke ring!
I suspect this thing is going to pay for itself sooner than I thought!


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