I'm a Baaaaad Influence

Because over the past couple of months, my friend Meghan kept seeing my Vera bags and slowly went from 'meh' to 'those are kind of cute.' I didn't help matters much when I told her about my collection (pictures to follow soon).

I extolled their versatility, durability and washability for months. Then, Vera tortured me by releasing the Metropolitan bag and I spent easily a month trying to locate one in the pattern I wanted, because I needed to use something smaller than my backpack before I did permanent damage to my neck and shoulders.

When I got it, she kept saying "Oooooh, preeeeeettttttttyyyyyy." Yep, she's been reeled in. So, yesterday, I hung out with her, showed her one of the shops locally that carries them, then spent some time perusing eBay and the Vera site to give her information about sizing and patterns.

Today, she texted me this:

Heck, I started with one Betsy bag-she jumped in all the way. I'm happy about this, because she's just made gift giving occasions that much easier...


meghan said…
You're such a bad influence! *shove* :p but I love my pretties!! Now I'm on the hunt for something in Piccadilly Plum... maybe a small bag with a mirror in it or the kiss kiss case... Look what you've started! lol
meghan said…
Oh, and I feel special now because I have my own tag--now I *know* I'm important! ;)

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