Grade Junkies Get Senioritis, Too

I am a grade junkie.

Rather, I'm 'performance focused,' if you wanted to use the motivational psychology term. I study as much as I do because seeing those A's is the best thing in the world. It's tangible evidence of an intangible pursuit.

Then I got sick. Even though I had my butt parked on the sofa, I lacked the motivation to study for either of the tests I had today. Originally, there were exams in all three classes, but one was changed to next week. Still, I typically spend about 8 hours time preparing for exams on top of reading the chapters and doing whatever assignments I have.

It works. I get A's.

Except this time, I did minimal preparations prior to yesterday. One class is fairly easy for me because of the content (Psychology of Aging) and well, I've had the professor for two other courses. I know how she writes questions and that she'll ask from the lecture and the book. She also has been known to curve her exams, with the thought that if a lot of students got it wrong, the question wasn't well presented.

In total, I put three hours studying into it and feel that I focused my efforts well. The test was very easy. That's probably partly due to the first hand experiences with Jane and Mom and the other part resulted from knowing the instructor's thought process in testing. I feel reasonably sure I walked out with an A, as there were 2 of the 40 questions that I wasn't sure of the answers.

Then, the second exam. It's material that isn't as familiar-parts of the brain that haven't really been covered much in my classes. Biology covered a small part and the Aging class had another small segment. I spent about three hours studying and on the way back to Lakeland from the Tampa campus, called a friend who has had this professor for two other classes.

She gave me insight into how this professor asks questions and I spent another hour reviewing the Power Points for things that probably would be covered. All in all, that was the best way to do it. Whenever possible, I wrote what I knew on the test paper for the match ups before even looking at the definitions.

I ended up with an 85.

No, it's not an A, but considering that I didn't put my usual effort into it and I was not comfortable with the material, I'm happy.

Meanwhile, next week has two tests that I feel a lot better about.

Hmm, think I need to get cracking on the books now. After all, I want to see more A's.


meghan said…
Considering how sick you were, and 85 is great!

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