Woohoo, into overtime!

Yep, I walked out the door at 1pm-39.25 hours in and 15 left to work this week. That is, if closing goes as scheduled both nights! Time and a half, baby!

Ran over to Costco to find younger son's present. We heard about a remote control R2D2 that we know he'll absolutely love. No dice on that, but did pick up a couple of other presents and teacher gifts. I've tried to be different where teacher gifts are concerned-so they're getting flowers. The ever so helpful team at this Costco once again proved why they're great. The cashier asked if I found everything, and when I told him what I was looking for and that they'd sold out, he informed me that the website has them. Yay!

Then I ran to Walmart and got vases for those flowers.

The dumb move of the day was that I was so busy doing work stuff that I forgot to call the school and tell them the kids would be car riders today. No big, day care got them-but I waited in line and realized when I saw that older son wasn't with the older kids. Sleep deprivation strikes again.

So, here I am at home for another 20 minutes while I wait for day care to finish her pickups and get back to her house. Putting the time to good use, aren't I? Hid those presents, now to the Costco site.

Headed to Mickey's Very Merry as soon as Ed gets home from work. Jill tells me the fireworks alone are worth the price of admission. Just the fact that I can GO to the parks in November and December is worth the price we're paying, lol. :)

Oh yeah, it's 80 degrees. It'll make the snow falling on Main Street seem weird, but fun.

Who knows, I may even post pictures from the event.


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