Very Merry!

Yet another crazy day at work. It's pretty funny when other stores in the district keep calling to find out where we are in our sales for the day. We've been beating the top store in the district all week, and it happens more and more, but when the bottom ranking store calls to find out my sales, then I scratch my head.

I got in at 2:30, then had to take my break at 3:30 because the other two managers were leaving. I put the time to good use-got on the phone to WDW and got tickets for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party for Thursday night. Yay! We didn't get to go last year, and it was crazy talk to even suggest time off in November or December to come see it in the past.

When it's snowing up North, everyone starts flocking down here. H&J are here from Maryland, and I'm hoping to see them before they fly back Thursday. Thinking that will happen on Wednesday. Dave is down from NY and in St. Augustine. Haven't seen him since I was pregnant with older son, but we're AIMing back and forth a couple times a month. I got a voice mail that he'd love to drive over today to see us. Small problem-guess who's working? I think he's got an AP for WDW-maybe he'll meet us there?

The inlaws are homeless for 72 hours. They sold their house in NY Thursday afternoon, fly down later today, then close on a house here tomorrow. It'll be nice to have them 25 minutes away. Very happy that they're not going to have any snow to shovel ever again. I believe they've given the snow blower to their next door neighbor.

I need some sleep. The kids will wake me around 9am and I have another evening of working until 11pm!


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