It's been the usual, hectic week. Thursday, Ed and I ventured over to Orlando with a rental van to pick up the armoires and nightstands. The guys at Mousesurplus are great, they loaded the van up for us. We tipped them and headed back home.

Then the fun began. These things are about 300 pounds each! I'd mentioned to Ed while en route that maybe we should drive the van up on to the grass. We didn't, but probably should have. We got the armoires out, and then tried to contemplate getting them in the house! Eventually, we decided to use our hand truck as a dolly. In the process, I smashed my pinky pretty bad, but we got one armoire in the room and the other is in the garage. It needs a minor repair to the door.

The main thing is that little guy is very happy with his furniture. He is enjoying that the tv and dvd player go inside. I suppose in January, we'll paint his bedroom. We have the paint, just need to lighten it a bit.

Speaking of which, my paycheck must be inaccurate. It shows that I still have two personal days and by the end of January, have four days of vacation. I thought I used all the P Days in April. Have to investigate. I can understand the vacation day error-I get three weeks now, and I didn't use a whole week when we went to NY and I used three days when Mom went into the hospital. I tried to use all my time, but it didn't happen.

If the remodel *does* happen on schedule, it shouldn't be too difficult to be off for a week. That said, we're on one remodel schedule, not on another. However, we *are* scheduled for an inventory that is a week after the store is supposedly closing for the remodel. Works for me-the later they push this back, the easier it will be for me to take Easter week to take that twice postponed California trip. Our vouchers have to be used by March 28th.

Off to get change for the store. We use an Automated Banking Center. Yesterday, I went to get ones out of it and it swallowed my money and said "service not available", blanked out and wouldn't let me get change. I had to call the bank to find out what they were going to do-they gave me a claim number to go to a branch and get the money. Makes me leery of getting change out of the thing again.


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