Longer day

Well, I thought I had another 12 hour day. That said, I was there 18 hours. Waited for a shipment that never arrived and spent the remainder of the time opening some of those other boxes, reorganzing the postage stamped stockroom, cleaning the management office, attempting to get change (no luck), and wearing myself out.

Got home at 12:30, had some pizza and vegged for about an hour, then fell into bed. When I woke up this morning, Ed happened to be in the room. I asked what time is it, and was told to go back to bed-I assumed it was still early. Finally woke up about 10:45. Killed my plans for heading over to WDW briefly today, but that's okay.

One of my employees dad's is a chef. A really good chef who teaches cooking at Johnson and Wales (a college KNOWN for producing great chefs). We've had some conversations about food in our shifts together. If you don't know, I am a foodie. Welllll, she went to her parent's for Thanksgiving and her Dad was kind enough to send her back with yummy stuff for ME! Woohoo, got these really yummy chocolate raspberry balls. Not quite truffles, but not quite cookies-heavenly. I've got a half of a chocolate cake in the fridge that looks soooooo good. She told me to enjoy it with wine, so I think we'll be doing that tonight after the kids go to bed.

Doctor's appt for older son today. Meds *may* be improving things, but we've really only had a week to gauge it, since he took it upon himself to eat candy with dyes for the first week of it. He was sneaking out of his candy bucket.

Tonight, take stepdad for the dinner we were going to on Monday night. Trying to figure out where we're going over on that side of the bay. We know Mom's favorite steak place is out. It's his choice and I'm thinking it may be italian, since he doesn't know how to cook that. I'll be getting in the habit of freezing some of each batch of my marinara for him.

At least tomorrow isn't a 6am day!


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