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Okay, so I'm not original...I was sent a link to It is humorous, and it catches the local flavor of the guy hosting the site. I may be nuts, but most of those houses have an eastern Pennsylvania look to me.

Speaking of Christmas lights, I'm sure you've seen the "Wizards in Winter" video that's going around. Some amazing work, Ed thought it was stop action, I thought it was just a poor quality video. Ends up that the compression to make the video fit on is why it's funky looking. Oh, and Planet Christmas? Scary place-I won't delve too far, lest I think about spending oodles of money on Light O Rama and use a choral masterwork for my lights, lol.

We drank our last bottle of a new favorite wine, Ausbruch, Matraalja from Hungary. Alas, we've discovered that it's a very rare wine from a region that doesn't produce a crop every year. We'll miss you, schizophrenic red, and hope 2006 brings a crop of grapes.

A public service announcement to serve me: If you text message me, I get charged for it. When I left T Mobile, I declined the text messaging offered by AT&T, now Cingular, soon to be AT&T again (?!), because I was NOT paying 8 bucks a month for texting.

Today was a 13 hour day. I should be tired, but I'm not. Tomorrow brings a 5 hour day that begins at 8pm. If Ed has to work, I go off to stepdads. If not, we'll head over to Mouse Surplus in Orlando and get little man some furniture. Ed's kinda hoping he doesn't get called into work, but we need him to work more days. We'll see what the morning brings.


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