Score another Barnie's convert

So, I finally got around to listening to my voice mails from today. Hey, I'm listening to them. Anyway, Donna called and told me she was enjoying a cup of of Barnie's Decadent Dark Chocolate while braving the mall crowds.

1. Congratulations, Donna, you are now a Coffee Achiever! (remember those commercials?)
2. Your mall has a Barnies and mine doesn't. Life sucks!
3. Barnie's is going to make all of us former non coffee drinkers into addicts!
4. What possessed you to go to a mall on a weekend in December?

Okay, that "Wizards in Winter" song will not get out of my brain! Only Ed's asleep, so if I play the darn thing to get it out, I'll wake him up.

I tweaked the settings on here. You can now comment as you wish, but I'm moderating the comments (oh, the power). This is so that I can delete the spam advertising crap I wouldn't buy for people I hate.


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