I keep thinking I should host a website and call it Bad Christmas Lights. You see, here in Florida it doesn't FEEL like Christmas. Everything is green, some days are warm enough that the air conditioning gets used. We're wearing shorts, flip flops and may only put on a jacket early in the morning or after sundown. You can shoot daggers at me all you want, I moved away from the snow for a reason.

As a result, people tend to go hog wild in decorating their homes for the holidays. Some look really, really nice, some look okay, and some are absolutely awful! If someone is going to take the time and climb a ladder, you'd think they would make an effort to make the lights attractive, lol.

I want to take pictures of the crappy displays and post them on a website. Why not? A fellow I know from an online community hosts a site,, in which he and his family post pictures of poor footwear choices seen upon the feet of vacationers at Walt Disney World. Very humorous site and something of a public service.

I'll probably take the tripod out and take a picture of our display. Simple multicolored icicle lights line the front of the house and both windows are adorned with multicolor lit trees. Hopefullly, we don't make anyone's badchristmaslights webpage!

If you're interested, there are over 5o houses in our neighborhood (about 40 are decorated) and we are the only ones with mulitcolored lights.

This ponderous entry comes as a resul of our ritual of driving around, looking at the neighborhoods surrounding ours. We'd ventured out to see Christmas Lane, a local highlight of the season, but it doesn't open until Monday. Instead, we drove aimlessly for an hour, running commentary the whole time.

After looking at all this, do I miss the snow? Not one bit!


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