It was Very Merry!

First up, no pictures, as I apparently had the camera ON in my bag all week since I last charged the battery.

The party was great. We got there at 8, just in time to find a spot for the parade near the castle. Good location, long (by Disney standards) parade-really enjoyable. We saw some characters that we've never seen before. Bert from Mary Poppins, for instance.

Went to get our cocoa and cookie, then came back to the bridge into tomorrowland for the fireworks. Ed noticed the line of rain drawing closer, and it started raining lightly about a minute before the show began. No matter. This is easily the BEST fireworks show I have ever seen. They've gotten really good at the changing color fireworks and the shapes (boxes and bows). I liked it so much that I will be calling to get an ADR at 'Ohana for Sunday night, just so we can see the show again.

Then we headed into tomorrowland and got our pictures taken, went on TTA and Buzz Lightyear after a missed attempt to see the Mickey's Night Before Christmas show. It started pouring just before the show started, we bailed and then saw that the show got cancelled.

Over to Fantasyland and Peter Pan, It's A Small World and Winnie the Pooh. It was time to head out, but we went and had hot dogs at Caseys. Yum. My momento for the evening is another porcelain disc ornament for the tree. :)

In waiting for the monorail, I asked for the front-and got it (younger son was asking earlier why we didn't ask on the way in). It was neat being in the front at night, and youngest had a commentary about the Polynesian and 'the best restaurant on the planet, 'Ohana' as we went by.

A great evening, and the tram ride announcer was the funniest. Some of his nuttiness...

As we're leaving the tram stop, to the people in line "Folks, please be patient, another tram will be an hour"
On the parking lot "If your car won't start, you can't find your car, or it is surrounded by a biker gang, please flag down Security and they will assist you. Mind you, you won't see them, and when you do, they'll be too far away to see you"
After leaving the first stop, Minnie "If you are parked in Minnie, so sorry, but that WAS your stop. You are welcome to stay on the tram as we will return to Minnie...tomorrow morning."
As we got off at our stop "Next stop, Donald. That's right, the next stop is McDonalds. It will take us 8 hours to get there, but the big macs are good"

Loads of fun. Too bad I didn't get his name, because I would send a commendation letter! He had the whole tram laughing.


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