Two Weeks, Two Pairs of Shoes

On Black Friday, I bought another pair of the Alegria shoes, the Coral Owls I posted pictures of in a previous post. While the first pair purchased were size 39, the Amazon website stated that my 8.5 feet should really wear the 38 shoe.

Okay, I'll buy that, the Kyra Flora Blue probably could have been a size smaller and still be very comfortable, so I went ahead with the smaller size. What I didn't know is that the Paloma is a tiny bit smaller than the Kyra. (Alegria appears to have set styles, and they just change the patterns on them, similar to what Vera Bradley does with bags). The Coral Owls arrived and while they fit and the average person would love them, my Stupid Leg would definitely protest the fit.

Unfortunately, Amazon wouldn't just do an exchange, and while they're a good price, I repurchased the Coral Owls one size bigger and had Amazon overnight them for just $3.99 (Prime is awesome!). The 39 in the Paloma is definitely a touch narrower and a bit shorter in the toe box than the Kyra, but they fit.

Kyra Blue Floral

Paloma Coral Owls

Yes, the strap on the Paloma is much wider and could present a problem, but I'm able to adjust that strap to prevent it from digging into the bad foot.

I've worn the Flora Blues pretty much constantly since I got them and find them very comfortable. One of the things I find I have to do with all of my shoes is take them off if I'm sitting for any length of time, because the tops of my toes are as hypersensitive as the instep. I notice I don't do this as often with that pair, as they aren't touching the tops of the toes. I need more than one day in the Palomas, but I'm thinking the toe box is similar to my other shoes.

Another funky thing that is unique to me: I gained almost an inch and a half in height as a result of the spinal fusion, and both of these have a 1.5" lift, and I've worn no heels in years-so I feel really tall wearing these. It will feel normal soon, but to be able to reach the higher shelf in my cabinets is a nice bonus.

Finally, I can wear something other than my Crocs!


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