Something Different

It has been a while since we've had family nearby, and at that, we'd spent a lot of time towards the end of their lives doing more care taking than the simple hanging out thing.

My niece up in New Jersey, however, started dating an old friend-who happens to live two miles away from us. She'd been down here several times in the past year and recently decided that she's going to make the permanent move here. There are quite a few factors, boyfriend owns his home here, renting in the NYC area is insane and while he could transfer back up with his job-it makes more sense to stay here.

So she's here now, and we got together with them for dinner last night. Today, I had errands to run, boyfriend went to a football game and I messaged her to see if she wanted to hang out for a little while. Which is how we ended up walking through Sam's Club together, niece, me, and boyfriend's son (absolutely adorable little guy!).

It was nice to spend time shooting the breeze and catching up, as the last time I really saw her on a regular basis was when Chef was a toddler. It's kind of nice to get to know the kids when they grow up, and she's turned into a savvy businesswoman and funny person.

I could get used to this!


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