Touch It Once

Due to the various health issues this semester, I opted to sleep when I really should have toughed it out and worked, but I've learned all too well the repercussions of a lack of sleep. The semester of naps means that it is crunch time on my Flash project.

Unlike some of my other classes in the past, this is a real product that will be used by a real client, so the instructor's insistence to just do enough to show you know how to add this element, use this bit of Action script isn't cutting it with me. I drafted a project proposal of a complete website, and if I'm going to make a video, then it will be the entire video. If I'm going to create an animation, it will be the whole 12 frame animation.

I am using the guide we'd use in retail when processing freight-touch it once. Open the box, put it in a proper home. In this case, create the whole element, put it in its ready to go live state.

For now, it means that I'm going a little crazy to get it done in time, but in the long run, it means that I won't have to go back to finish these elements in order to make a web page go live.


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