Taze Me, Bro

I had my Electromyogram (EMG) and Nerve Conduction studies today. These two tests are performed to see that my nerves work the way they are supposed to and are usually the means to rule out problems, rather than rule them in.

Thing is, they are freaking painful. I am very sore right now, because the EMG places an electrode on my hand, then the doctor pokes me with pins at certain nerve points up the arm. The neurologist records the reactions at rest and with flexion. Basically, at rest, you shouldn't hear very much, and with resistance, it should sound like a Geiger counter hovering over a piece of uranium. Mine did, but I don't know whether the actions were good or bad.

Thankfully, that was done on the left arm, the one that has been the bigger problem.

Afterwards, the nurse worked on the nerve conduction study. During that one, there were metal loops placed on various fingers, then a tazer was employed to shock at various points up either arm, then measured and the action potentials were rated. I don't know the scores on these, but I have sharpie marks all over my arms where the nurse tazed me.

Thankfully, I remembered that last time left me very sore and uncomfortable, and that was just one arm. I knew that at least one of those tests would be on both sides, so Ed went with me. This was a good thing, because about 10 minutes after they were done and I was on the way, I lifted my arm to rub Ed's shoulder as he drove. OWWWWW!

If you get either procedure, have an analgesic or stronger at the ready, and don't plan on doing much the rest of the day.

We'll see what the doctor's appointment in the new year has in store.


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