Burning Up The Texts

Lately, I seem to be sleeping a lot more. The vertigo is wearing me out, and I need naps to bring myself back to a normal energy level.

Normally, this isn't a big deal. Yesterday, though, there was a motorcycle fatality on the other side of town and one of my good friends got caught about a dozen cars behind it. She knew Ed had a Harley, and the only info she'd gleaned was that it was a couple in their 40's on a Harley. They hit a garbage truck, the driver took evasive measures that ended up throwing his rider under the truck, and she was run over. Neither was wearing helmets, and they both died instantly.

While she was stuck in the traffic jam, my phone went nuts-but I didn't hear it.

As I got the particulars later, I told her that Ed doesn't like to travel in that part of town, because there are a lot of traffic accidents over there. Second, I haven't been on the back of his motorcycle yet, and until I get this vertigo under control, there is NO WAY I am going on the back of the bike because it is too dangerous for either one of us, and three-there is NO WAY either one of us would ride a bike without a helmet.

No, a helmet is not a guarantee that you'll survive a crash, but riding without one is a guarantee you won't survive a crash. The sad part is that too many riders go around thinking that it won't happen to them, rather than preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.

So, for the time being, Ed will continue to be a solo rider- WITH a helmet.


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