Egg Rolls

Yesterday, after my poking and electrocuting, Ed and I went for lunch at our favorite Barbeque joint over that way. A few doors down is probably one of the better Asian markets around, so I kind of had designs on popping in and getting sweet chili sauce.

What I didn't realize is that since we'd last visited this location of the Barbeque joint (review coming, all the pictures are on Ed's phone), they went and expanded from an average sized store to a supermarket. Before, you could walk in and three people would be working. Now, three registers were manned, as well as a hot food counter, several people stocking shelves and about 4 people behind the meat and seafood counters-it was hopping!

As a result, we looked a bit more than expected and there are plans to go back again soon, because they still have fantastic prices. For instance, I got ground pork for $1.99 a pound. Immediately, my thoughts went to what Asian treat I could make with it, and that's how I decided to make Egg Rolls.

The resulting rolls are a melding of two recipes, as I'd never had mushrooms or water chestnuts in an egg roll ever, and the recipe with the veggies I remember didn't include meat. Still, after the first roll, I got the wrapping down. After the third, they evolved into something less than a NY style egg roll, but bigger than a spring roll. Chef is on the fence about egg rolls, sometimes eating them, other times passing them up. He happily ate a bunch, as did Ed.

There's enough pork mixture left to make another whole batch. My plan is to pick up some more wrappers Thursday, blanch the rest of the Napa cabbage, assemble the rest and freeze them before cooking. It was a bit of work, but the end results made it worth it!


Leah said…
I'm inspired! Going to give it a try!
Leah said…
I'm inspired ! Going to give those a try!

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