Too Long Between Visits

My relatives are mostly spread out across the NY/NJ metro area, with a few elsewhere in the US. On the rare occasion that I get up to NY, I only tend to see my sister Giggles and her clan, the others are kind of busy or out of the loop. Which is why the last time I saw my niece was when Chef was a newborn and we traveled to NY for the wedding of one of my best friends to one of Ed's good friends.

Yeah, so 14 years. A lot can change in that time. Like, the niece could go on to graduate college, work in interior design, launch her own clothing company, get that clothing company featured on a major website and then later get a job with that major website. She's a very driven young lady and through the magic of Facebook, we get to keep in touch, despite the miles.

She reconnected about a year ago with a good friend from middle/high school, and they talked, then talked some more and then embarked on a long-distance relationship. Thing is, while she was up in New Jersey, he? Lives less than two miles from me and Ed. They've been taking turns traveling to each others locales and this week was her turn to come to Florida.

The last time I saw her, she was a teen with braces. Now, she's a twenty something with a sense of style, an easy laugh, and a ton of charm. Her guy is pretty nice, too. We went for a Thai lunch and talked and talked and talked. Seems she had updates on family I don't hear from and I had updates for the rest. It was a nice few hours.

Now, we have each other's phone numbers and tentative plans to spend more time when she's back down next month. I'm not letting 14 years go by again!


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