Doing some Pre-Appointment Neurological Testing...

Today, I had one of the professors come to me to handle a task rapidly. It involved taking the question bank we'd built for him last week and printing it out, because our learning management system truncates the questions on the instructor end to just the first five words. Not a good idea when about 40 questions start 'From this image, please identify..." Of course, me being me, I needed to ensure that it wasn't a simple cut and paste, instead, that all the html code was taken off his copy.

(And yes, he could do this himself, but that type of task keeps me employed. Bring them to me, please!)

I'd entered 250 of the questions into one question bank, a colleague did the other 200 or so. It was the first time seeing the questions. Many of them involved issues of the wrist and hand. And it's funny that I can look at a question about a woman presenting with carpal tunnel and it asking which nerve to test to confirm this diagnosis-and know the answer.

Thing is, one of the questions had an 'identify this' and it was a test in which you put the ends of your index finger and thumb together and make the "OK" sign. It should be rounded like an O, with the middle finger straight up.

I don't have an O, more of an oval. And yeah, I can put that index finger up straight if I consciously think about it, but man, it hurts to do it.

So, apparently, this is a medial nerve defect and they confirm diagnosis with an EMG, the test I know I'm slated for anyway.

At least this is an issue that typically resolves by itself.

Let's hope I'm not in the 2% on this one...


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