Good News and Limbo Once More

I saw the Neurosurgery ARNP today, and it was like a meeting between colleagues, something I love about the professionals that take good care of me. M and I spent a good bit of time catching up on where I am compared to my last visit. He sent me to radiology for an Xray and it is amazing to see how much better my C-spine looks.

The spine is now straight, instead of sloped forward. The screws are firmly in place and the pin that was placed between the vertebrae is clearly seen on the image, which means calcification is happening-I'm making new bone to replace that disc. This is all good.

The limbo part is also kind of good. M and I talked a bit about RSD. He has yet to work firsthand with a patient who has it, so we spent a bit of time talking about how mine was caused, how it manifested, that the additional vein stripping added to the leg situation and that for many RSD patients, any surgery is dicey as to whether it will spread.

I explained that it was a risk I was willing to take, and I would take again even if I knew this would be the outcome-because I am not in excruciating pain anymore. To go from 7's & 8's to 3's and 4's is worth it, IMO.

However, I explained that the sooner RSD treatment is initiated, the better the outcome. Unfortunately, as has happened before, my neurologist has left the Physician's Group, so I'm starting from scratch. This is where the partnership comes in: I explained the diagnostic measures and that the new doctor would probably want an EMG and MRI to see what is permanent, what can be reversed and finally, what is unrelated to nerve damage.

Based on that need and discussion of what a neurologist treating RSD tends to do, M gave me the person who specializes in EMG study. Unfortunately, the first appointment isn't until October 1st. Thus, I will start the weekly 'if there's a cancellation, even an hour before, would you please call me?', because my office is five minutes away from hers.

The bummer part was that when I asked about ADHD, thinking maybe the neuro would treat that too, instead, I was told adult diagnoses are done by a psychiatrist. So, another doctor, but I'm hopeful that this appointment can be made sooner than the neurologist. M has a lot of experience with this one, as he's even referred friends-something about graduate studies, he quipped!

So, good progress, and a little waiting until we get some answers on the rest. It is quite a switch from this time last year!


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