Disney Princess

During my lunch break, I headed over to the campus bookstore to return a textbook I had rented for the summer semester. The nearby student center normally offers many lunch options, but there appeared to be preparations for a reception for new students later in the day. As such, the food court was closed and everyone was in line for Einstein Bagel, my intended destination.

I ordered my Tuna bagel and drink and waited in the throng for them to call out my name to collect my food. Name after name got called, including those who had placed orders after me. Soon, it was down to me and three other people, despite at least ten people ordering behind me. C'est la vie.

One of the employees comes with a bag containing a sandwich. "Mulan?" No response. "Mulan?" Looking around and not seeing anyone who has a glimmer of recognition, she looks at the receipt "Tuna bagel with lettuce and onion?" Oh, that's me-I collect my sandwich. Mulan? It is quite a mangle of my last name.

With red hair and a tuna sandwich, don't you think she should have been calling for Ariel?


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