Take Your Cat To Work Day

This morning, I awoke the new high schooler and then went back to bed, for my alarm normally goes off an hour past his will this year. Alas, the child was SLEEPING, when I got up when my alarm went off. So there was the mad scramble for him to get ready and for me to do the same

This meant I didn't give my pants an extra close scrutiny before leaving. They were hanging in the laundry room, which meant they were clean.


It wasn't until I arrived at work and looked down at my black dress pants that I realized that they looked more cat colored than black. Once at my desk, it took several tape rings to get them decatified. There was a time when I had a black dog, with wiry fur that did not cling to anything.

The sad part is that I don't think I could effectively match the cat fur to a pair of pants. He'd shed his slightly darker fur on lighter brown pants, and the lighter cream color on beige pants...


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