Thai Ruby, Tampa Palms

Soon after I started at my current job, we celebrated my boss's birthday by visiting Thai Ruby. I was there with 7 other coworkers and they handled such a group without batting an eye, with impeccable service and fantastic food. I ordered my meal that day 'Thai hot', and they delivered exactly that. What was cool is that three coworkers are vegetarian, and the menu was friendly to their dietary preferences:

I ordered the L-15, Chicken Green Curry. The luncheon specials start with a soup and rangoon. The soup was a very light chicken and rice. The broth was obviously started from bullion, but wasn't salty at all and had an undercurrent of sweetness. The rangoon was crispy, if a little cooled off. The beef filling reminded me of Laab na, slightly vinegary and savory.

In no time at all, my entree was placed in front of me. The coconut curry sauce had just the right balance of sweet and savory, the coconut milk giving it a nice creamy richness. The red pepper and green beans were al dente, the crunch a nice conrast to the softness of the peas, carrots and tenderized chicken. The sauce is so nice that I sopped up the remainder with the rice-and would have gladly taken more. This time, I didn't request Thai hot, but the flavors are so nice that it wasn't missed.

With the lunch specials, your check is delivered with a fried dough ball that is topped with a banana glaze and fried peanut crumbles. This was fresh from the fryer and to be honest, despite being full, I was contemplating ordering some to bring back to the office for a late afternoon snack.

As I'm relatively new to Thai food, I wasn't sure if the things I normally order at Lakeland's Spice Thai were unique to them, or whether Thai Ruby just concentrates on a smaller menu overall. Either way, limiting the menu makes it easy for them to prepare quality food quickly. Despite the ten minute drive each way and the short wait for a table, I was back at my desk in under an hour. Ultimately, I'm glad I gave in to my desire for Thai today, and that probably fueled by the two previous visits being so good. If you're in Tampa Palms or Temple Terrace, this one has been solid on three visits.

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