I Will Miss Chef Having a Dress Code

For the past five years, Chef has had a dress code. His school at our previous house had uniform colors, but the kids had enough flexibility in both tops and bottoms that he didn't mind it too much. However, while he had choice of pant colors in elementary here, students are required to wear school logo t-shirts. Not only that, his middle school switched to khaki bottoms and color coded by grade t-shirts.

From a parent perspective, this is great. For a kid who has a big personality, it is the equivalent of being in one of Dante's circles of hell. Yes, I know that's overdramatic, but to a teen, it is apt.

He has been looking forward to high school, where he could wear what he wants. Earlier this year, there were rumblings that the high schools would also move to dress code, and he rejoiced when they did not. Meanwhile, Ed and I noticed that the kid is picky about his clothes, specifically, the bottoms he wears. Sure, I've got his shirts pegged (preferably v-neck, preferably green, blue, brown, gray, or black), but the lack of jeans was going to be a problem.

Several months back, we visited the outlets in Orlando and Ed pointed out a jean outlet. I know he was oblivious to who and what Lucky Jeans were, but enough friends raved about them to me on my message boards that I figured it was worth a shot. Chef not only tried on jeans, he liked three pairs and settled on two. They had a two for $120 sale and while I balked at the fact that I'd never spent $60 on jeans for myself, I did it.

However, now we're looking at school in two weeks and two pairs of jeans is just not going to cut it. He needs more than these:

I suspect it will be an expensive venture this time around. That said, those same friends told me their Lucky's last forever, so it's a worthwhile investment...except that the kid is growing like a weed. Maybe I should buy the 32" length and show him how many people are cuffing them on the website?


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