Occupational Hazard

So, in my job, I look for content to make my iBooks interactive. Sometimes, this means a YouTube video, other times an image, still others, a link to a website that offers scholarly information about a topic covered in the text.

Until today, it had been relatively uneventful. But today, I was informed of Internet rule #34 "If it is on the Internet, someone has a fetish for it.". Too late I was educated about this rule AFTER I searched for video content for the chapter.

I need mind bleach.

Though my friend A knew Internet rule #34 AND had heard of this particular fetish and did not warn me of the possible existence of said fetish. He was rather amused, which resulted in a 45 minute conversation that was mostly hysterical laughing. And if you're wondering what the heck it was, you really don't want to know, other than the fact that it is a medically based one...


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