Rotten luck

Lately, it seems like my day off is spent...BEING SICK. Yesterday was no exception. I woke up fine, but by 2pm, I was dealing with a stiff neck. My stomach didn't feel quite right, not queasy, but not right, either.

As the day went on, a headache emerged. Then, right about the time Ed left for work, I felt feverish. A check on that front found a fever of 102. Nice.

I tossed and turned after going to bed at 9:15 (got the kids to bed, then put myself to bed). Had some weird dreams, and the phone rang a few times. I ignored it.

Today, the residual effect is that my stomach feels like a rock. All it has consumed is some chicken noodle soup and a comfort and OJ. It hurts to laugh, and I've had some phone calls that have really made me hurt today. I'll blog about one of those tomorrow.

Why, oh why are my days off wasted on being sick?


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