Adding insult to injury

Things never are simple or easy for me. Witness this week:

Monday found me at the doctor's office again. Nurse M decided no more Unna Boots, since they contribute to the RSD flares. Yeah, when the boss won't let me wear the Crocs. Then take an already tender and sensitive foot and put it in another Unna Boot and it's a recipe for trouble. She's right, the boot is a bad idea.

She wrapped me up with Acticoat and a gauze wrap. Acticoat is an antimicrobial dressing made of silver. I asked why it works and she didn't know. I do know that I had to rewrap at 36 hours and the wound looked the best it has in a while. I rewrapped using gauze and an ace wrap.

We talked about getting the disability thing started. I asked what I needed to do and she said I should contact them, they'll interview me and then contact her and she'll take care of the rest. It wasn't until several hours later that I realized that she mean Social Security, not my employee health plan. After digesting that for a bit, I realize that I should try for both. If I am determined to be eligible for SSI, well there's my sign to go back to school full time.

Then Tuesday came. It was raining. That hasn't happened much and was welcome weather. I head off to work and around 9:20, leave to go to the bank. We have a rule that no one can be in the store without a manager, so the person working with me goes into the coffee shop. I slipped a little on the wet bricks and commented to her to be careful, that the bricks are slippery.

Bank duties completed, I park my car and come down the stairs from the parking garage. I slip and fall down about 4 or 5 steps. My left leg looked like I was 'en pointe' and I land HARD on my right forearm and wrist. Two employees witness the whole thing and I see one's face imprinted on my eyeballs-she looked horrified. They ran out to me, one taking my bag and the other helping me down the stairs.

At first inspection, the leg didn't seem too bad. I guess since I really use the vicodin to take the edge off pain, rather than attempt to obliterate it, it wouldn't make too much difference. The arm hurt considerably, even with pain meds. I didn't seek medical attention, since it seemed pointless. Spend more of what I don't have to be told I bruised myself? I don't think so.

Yesterday, one of my coworkers suggested something I hadn't thought to do. Let the management company know of my fall and fill out an inicident report. I'm not the litigious sort, but this way, they'll cover any doctor bills incurred in having things checked out. At least it was me and not a sue happy patron. I'm glad she did mention it, but I'm trying to figure out when I'm going to get my butt to a doctor.

The foot has some trauma around where the top of the foot meets the ankle. Those muscles are not accustomed to going in that direction as I never was a ballerina. Yeah, I know, I'm so graceful that this suprises everyone, right? The arm looks bad, but not as bad as I thought it might. There's a 4" bruise parallel to the radius and a bruise on the corner of the wrist. Things are a little stiff.

I'll update once I see a doctor. I had plans to go over to WDW to finally meet Liz in the flesh tomorrow, but that may be the only chance I get to go to the doctor this week. I suppose I should call her and find out when she's flying out. It would be stupid to put off the doctor even though I want to see her. I also should call Nurse M and see if she's got an ortho guy she'd recommend, since I'm more concerned about the wrist than the ankle. I've walked on a severe sprain and minor sprains before and this is nothing like it, so I'm pretty sure that's okay-just uncomfortable.

Only me. I have to make things worse than they already are.


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