Peace and quiet after the insanity

My lovely and hectic weekend resulted in me falling asleep before I could gather all the boy's items for school today. When Ed walked in the door at 6:30am, I woke up.

It's much nicer to have staggered start times for them. Chef Jr uses an alarm clock and came into the living room at 6:55, ready to go for the day. While he dressed and brushed his teeth, I got his backpack and lunch together. Unfortunately, I realized that he was missing a few minor things on the supply list-darn it Staples, ya let me down with YOUR list! ;)

Chef Jr was dropped off at school at 7:30, while Ed got Gameboy up and ready. His bag had everything he needed. In fact, Staples insisted he needed two expensive items that he didn't! Guess it's a good thing I ignored the other three expensive items they'd mentioned, huh? (No smart drives for any grades at the middle school, btw)

Gameboy's bus arrived at the front door at 8:15. I was a little concerned: the bus driver called MY cell, Ed's cell AND Jane (our emergency contact). Hello? The emergency contact is NOT neccessary when you're trying to coordinate pick up times! However, all seems fine with her. Gameboy is her first pickup.

No sooner did he get on the bus that we realized that he did not get his morning meds. Yikes! We waited a few minutes, then drove up to the school to drop off his Strattera and give him both morning meds. We got there a half hour before he did. Have to say, we walked around the campus and it appears that there are a bunch of kids who have an issue of some sort. We also saw a kid who towered over the two of us (at the oldest, he's an entering 8th grader!).

Since were were out, we went over to Staples to return the 30 bucks of supplies we didn't need and to Target for supplies we did. A quick breakfast at Einstein and then back home. Ed went to bed and the house was quiet! Woohoo!

Now, onto the task of cleaning up a summer's worth of debris accumulated throughout the house. The kids have this annoying need to bring their toys out to watch TV or play video games, so the house is littered with legos (ouch), cars (ouch), and other small, pointy parts (even more ouch). We'll have visitors later this week and any sort of small item is getting cleaned up or thrown out.

It's the most wonderful time of the year...


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