No meds, what fun THIS can be!

Last Monday, I visited with Nurse M. During the visit, she commented that she had to call in my script for Hydrocodone to Target. I heard it, processed it and didn't comment. Then, on Thursday, I looked at my pills and realized that I'd probably run out sometime over the weekend. I called Chez Target and found that no, they didn't have anything waiting for me.

Friday am, I started calling Nurse M and got a busy signal. This is most unusual, the way the hospital's phone system is set up, if a practitioner is on the phone, the call is immediately routed to voice mail. Throughout the day, I kept calling. Finally, later in the afternoon, I call the main number for the Physician's Group, only to find the building had been struck by lightning and the power was out!

Okay, I'll stretch the meds to get me until Monday morning, as I'm off. I stretched out the doses and split a few pills. I called Sunday night and Monday. It is NOT typical for her to ignore a phone call. Last night, I left her a message-then another this afternoon. In the interim, I ran out of meds. Oh, the fun of no meds. Yes, I do take the edge off of the pain, but without them? My leg burns and feels as if there are some lead weights on it. The numb, tingly feeling is still here, even after getting meds at 7pm tonight. Wonder how long it'll take for that to stop.

The lightning strike scrambled the voice mail system. I guess that my messages are in limbo somewhere.

In other news, the Case Manager left me a message last night and I called her back today. Alas, she can't help me with my request to have the deductible waived. She did direct me to another number where perhaps someone could assist me, but that was not the case. No discussion, they won't waive it. I relayed this to Nurse M when she and I spoke this afternoon. She got mad-FOR ME. She'll be drafting a letter, Dr. J will do the same and they'll be calling the case manager and faxing their letters. I will make another appointment with my neurologist to see what other options we might have and perhaps I can enlist him in the letter writing cause. Couldn't hurt to ask, right?

I guess the bright spot is that I do have the case manager's last name AND phone number now. Let's see if she can be helpful down the road...


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