Hooray, we had company...

Friday was awesome. Joyce, Tim and their brood spent quite a bit of time at our abode, woohoo! We spent the morning decluttering the living room, making it safe for the smallest child to crawl around. However, she stuck close to mama and the toys she encountered were brought in by the other kids.

Fun? OMG, yes. Gameboy and Chef Jr were quite enamored of the young lady visiting-as usual. Gameboy usually ignores girls, but this one and another young lady they met at WDW. It's rather cute to see him trying to flirt. :) Chef Jr was equally fascinated by the baby girl. "She's so small" was heard from him several times and he'd asked if he had been that small. Yessirree, kiddo.

It was clear that the older four kids were having a blast, running around using various noisy toys and giggling. And giggling. Just for good measure, they ran around and giggled some more. That is one of the best sounds in the world-hearing happy kids giggling.

I think I've mentioned that Joyce and Tim were reintroduced at our wedding, and they married two years after us (tomorrow is their 8th anniversary-Happy Anniversary, guys!). Ed's known Tim since they were 3 and I've known Joyce since I was 13, thanks to Socrates. She and I became friends when I was 15 and we attended the same school. Long time friends.

Tim has a sarcastic streak that rivals Ed's, so he proceeded to crack me up all evening. Joyce and I are on the phone several times a week, so it's just an extension of our talking. At one point, Tim commented that I have to blog about having visitors. We're ahead of ya, dude. :)

I bought items to make dinner, but just didn't feel like doing it, so we went out to Cody's. Tim didn't catch the name and kept saying we were going to Joey's, which caused all of us to ask him where that restaurant was, lol. Still haven't found Joey's, Tim. Ed couldn't come up with a different locale for dinner and is of the mind that we go to Cody's too much.

About Cody's: the place is extremely kid friendly, the menu has a variety of really good food, Joyce isn't stuck with a bunch of chicken on the menu and hey, you can throw peanut shells on the floor. Tim offered the opinion that it was like Ground Round. Yeah, but I think the steaks are better here. The din is enough that five kids making noise is not going to stand out. Joyce and Tim treated-THANK YOU! (oh yeah, Gameboy hid under his bed with that burger the next morning!)

We went over to check them into their hotel and both Ed and I figured they were going to pack it in, even though we didn't want them to. It was a pleasant surprise that they just dropped their stuff and came back to our place, where we popped in a movie of the guest's choice (Mickey's Magical Christmas). We adults spent more time talking (and laughing).

When the movie was over, so was the visit. Bummer. If money were no object, we'd live near them (and Giggles). They headed out to their hotel and the kids were sent off to bed. I don't know about Ed, but I thought the house was too quiet afterwards. I missed the giggling.

If one of us wins the lotto (or if the prize patrol ever finds our house-they need a GPS dammit), I think a vacation condo on LI is in order, so we can have more quality time like Friday night. Thanks for coming over!

So, who's next? The house is clean...


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