The eighth dwarf

That would be me. Hello, I'm Clumsy, the dwarf Walt forgot. I did a face plant today, on the sidewalk outside of the store. In the park, not 100 feet from where I fell down the stairs a few weeks ago (oh yeah, finger still hurts-thank you for asking).

This time, I:
-Spilled the Dunkin Donuts iced coffee that I'd only had three sips of prior to leaving my car
-dumped the box of four muffins that I was bringing in for my fellow coworkers and I to have while we prepped for the class
-got the shirt I ironed and carried in on a hanger (so it'd look crisp for the class I was teaching) dirty and wrinkled
-landed HARD on my right knee, banging it up bad. It's turning purple and is skinned.

Thankfully, I did not rip the dress pants I was wearing. Some people sitting nearby come to my aid and ask me if I want to sit down for a few minutes. Well, I didn't have a few minutes-I needed to get into that store over yonder! They graciously helped me collect my stuff. Frankly, I was so embarrassed, I didn't look up at anyone as I thanked them for their help in getting my stuff together.

Into work I go, and the coworker who was there for the last episode of Clumsy is freaked out that I fell AGAIN. I am not happy about it, either. Just too much being sick on my day off and too much pushing myself that I fall when I get there.

Insult to injury, I was 'spinny' again today. When I'm very tired, very stressed or in a lot of pain, the room rotates between 16 and 33 1/3 RPM. It is so much fun to be me, don't you think?

At least the class went awesome. After the close inspection of the pavement today, I figured I paid the karma bill big time and was due for it. The products I was demonstrating are ones I love (and drool over daily) and I want in my home.

Now, the smart part of Clumsy is going to make some appointments. The overdue checkups with the Rheumatologist and GP to make my paper trail for SSDI. I also think I should follow up with the neurologist, to figure out other options-and see if this falling down is also part of the RSD. (and if I can't get the fargin nerve block, should I get the air cast/boot thingy?)

Do you think Disney will take another dwarf on the payroll? I just need to sit down before I prove how Clumsy I am. The normal, the kids are going back to school happy dance that most parents do the first day of school? So not happening here, folks-it probably would land me in the doctor's office!

(and we never did eat those muffins. I forgot to bring them home, too! Darn-now I want a coffee cake muffin)


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