Monday, August 13, 2007


I find Blogger frustrating. There are things I'd like to blog about, but can't, due to the fact that I can't filter who reads entries. It's all out there for everyone to read.

Normally, I don't mind that. I'm not one for keeping secrets, as you all know. Yeah, I keep YOUR secrets, but I don't have many myself. On some family issues, I blogged, I edited to what I was told was much more diplomatic and STILL the parties involved got highly offended. (Perhaps because I don't really offer tea and sympathy on that front) As a result, I find that the stresses of the situation can't be blogged about. This kind of defeats one of the purposes of the blog-therapy. Thankfully, Ed, Joyce and to an extent, Giggles have been listening to what would have been blog entries.

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