Weekend off

It's my weekend off and I'm doing exactly what I want...not much of anything. The health has taken its toll on us, so to veg is a good thing. Next month's weekend off is already scheduled for a cub scout camping trip.

I finally have all of the meds prescribed at the doctor's appointment earlier this week. There's a new debridement ointment. Man, it itches like you would not believe, but when I changed the dressing this morning, I could see the difference after just one application. I am hoping that the three weeks of this before the next visit to Dr. J will clear out all the infection and smelly, gross stuff. If it progresses at that rate, then I'll be in the Unna boot by the end of the month.

The hives? Still here, and probably will be for another couple of weeks. That's typical when I'm allergic to medication. The jury's still out on the Lyrica, but I'll give it a week before I sing it's praises or bitch about how horrible it is.

Jane's still in the hospital, although she may be released tomorrow. Her creatine levels are high, not a surprise after having a cardiac cath yesterday. We spent the afternoon with Mom yesterday, as we were sure she was going stir crazy. Somehow, the idea to hit Red Lobster at 4:30 to beat the rush must have been shared by many other Lakelanders. We were told it'd be a 30 minute wait, but they called us in 5 minutes. Insert dancing smiley here. I am always up for a meal at Red Lobster.

While most people are watching the superbowl tonight, I'll probably be playing with the taxes. I don't have every document I need, but I've got enough to get it started...cross your fingers.


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