Two steps forward, one step back

Visited with Dr. J and nurse M today. The Solosite that I thought was doing a crappy job received the same review from them. Actually, nurse M wanted to know *why* I was using it, and Dr. J had to admit he'd prescribed it! I was prescribed a different debriding agent and will pick it up tomorrow. This one doesn't hurt as much, but boy, it itches like you would not believe.

While I was hailing Neurontin as the king of all nerve pain relievers, it decided that it was abdicating. I have hives from head to toe, though not as bad as I have had from other meds. Lyrica is the replacement after nurse M saw the hives. I swear, my medic alert bracelet would rival any necklace 50 cent would wear.

Dr. J reiterated his endorsement of the Vicodin. Much as I hate being on pain killers, he tells me that I need them. I was told that if *I* am complaining about pain, it really must be bad. This means I *NEED* the meds. He also went out and printed out the info about the Neurologist he wanted me to see-the appointment is on the 27th. He thinks nerve blocks are probably the best course of treatment.

I asked about the valve replacement surgery. This has been bounced around several times during visits, although this isn't why I'm in so much pain. Heck, the valve doesn't cause any pain, it just makes my leg look like complete and utter shit. Oh, and it prevents me from doing a lot of stuff. One doctor in Mississippi and another in Hawaii are trailblazing this procedure.

Results must be really good, one of his other patients is headed to Hawaii next week for the surgery. Yay, I'll get updates on it first hand from Dr. J. He tells me that as bad as mine looks, this guy is in far worse shape. He's had three DVTs (I've had one), a half dozen clots (three here) and both legs are involved. He's only 35. I feel bad for the guy

That said, Dr. J admitted that the ulcerations that I have are the bane of a vascular surgeon's existance. There's nothing that can be done to prevent ANY of the vascular issues I have, but many of the problems can be fixed with surgery or blood thinners. The ulcers, however, present a host of problems and I seem to be running into every one of them. There are no easy or quick fixes for them, and it drives the doctors nuts. C'est la vie.

In other news, Jane's been admitted to the hospital. Not sure what the update is-she told Mom that she didn't want visitors tonight. She's pretty depressed about the whole thing. Seeing her situation just strengthens my resolve to be very diligent about my health care. I can't be in the hospital, and being admitted would send me into a depression, too.

The late night wake up call seems to serve a purpose. I end up blogging to take my mind off the pain until the Vicodin kicks in. Decent trade off, don't you think?


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