It's funny how we're born into this world related to others that if not for that one connection, we would have nothing to do with whatsoever. No shared interests or anything that would keep a connection going, other than having the same mother and/or father. Perhaps shared grandparents.

This blog has shared some of the downside of my large family. My mom's side has more than it's fair share of screwed up individuals. They probably think I'm as messed up as I consider them, lol. However, watching some of my relations make asses of themselves, treat others poorly or treat their own bodies like crap really made an impact on me as a kid. I think this makes it easier to understand why I don't have such a close bond with every sibling-and why I have a close one with Kathi.

On the other hand, we choose our friends. In the past month, I've told a few of my oldest and dearest friends what I've always thought, but never spoken-they ARE family to me. They've been there through thick and thin, supported me as I've supported them, laughed with and at me and enriched my life in so many ways that one hundred blog entries would never completely convey.

I feel I've chosen very well my 'family by association'. I find it worth mentioning after talking to Donna this week about this year's family vacation probably being a driving one. While we'd LOVE to visit California again, it's not in the cards.

So I'm thinking of the wonderful road trips of my teens (me, Kathi, Dad and the 'Captain Banana' bathing cap) and contemplating places like Atlanta, Virginia Beach, the Outer Banks. A family vacation means we should GO AWAY to experience things new and different. If we stayed home, we wouldn't really do much of anything, so it's important to ALLEZ et Cherchez.

Donna commented that it sounded so nice, and that she'd love to go. I told her she's more than welcome to come along. She IS family and while she's not related by blood, she's related by love. I feel that way about Joyce (and kin), Rich and even Bob.

After getting off the phone with Donna, I pondered the enormity of it all. Yeah, I come from a big family-of friends.

Suppose I need to send some Kleenex your way, ladies.


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